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Welcome to HandcrankFlashlight.com, a great source for information on hand crank flashlights. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly and dependable lighting source, no-battery flashlights are the perfect answer. Using pure muscle-power, "forever flashlights" do not require disposable or rechargeable batteries; they utilize familiar dynamo technology to convert your muscle energy into bright light. For more information on these useful torches, peruse through our links below.

How does it Work? The History of the Dynamo 
How did hand crank technology come about? What exactly is a hand crank flashlight? Is this a new technology? Find out here, with a brief history of dynamo technology.

Why would I use a Hand Crank Flashlight? 
If the idea of hand crank technology seems outdated, use your imagination when you browse through this page; you might find more uses for one than you are prepared to admit.

Types & Sizes of Hand Crank Flashlights
Not all hand crank flashlights need to be cranked. Some use squeeze levers, others can be shaken or twisted. Read about about the different methods used to power a hand crank flashlight.

OK I Need One. How Do I Get One? 
Think you could use a hand crank flashlight? Here is some information to get you started on your hand crank lantern quest.